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Foreign applicants please complete – required by government for visa purposes:



Which course are you applying for?
What is your estimated level of proficiency in English?
Which course date/s are you registering for?

NOTE: You will need to complete an English proficiency test when you arrive to confirm your level.



NOTE: Cash payments will not be accepted.

Banking details:

Account name:       Enterprises at University of Pretoria (Pty) Ltd.

Bank:                      ABSA

Account number:   40-8782-3354

Type of account:    Cheque / current

Bank code:             32005

Swift code:             ABSAZAJJ

Reference:             Surname, initials and cell phone number


  1. Payment of fees

    • Course fees must be paid in full before the start of the course.

    • The student is fully responsible for the payment of fees.

    • Examination results and certificates will be withheld until outstanding accounts are settled.

    • An additional hourly rate is charged for catch-up classes.

    • Private tuition for individuals and small groups is available at an additional fee.

    • Students are required to provide proof of payment – using surname, initials and cell phone number as a reference.

    • Course fees include tuition, registration, the certificate fee, course material and one outing. Students are liable for the cost of stationery, transport, food and additional outings.

  2. Cancellation, deferral and refund policies

    • Students who receive an acceptance letter may not cancel their enrolment for the course.

    • Students can apply to defer to a later course if the application is submitted two weeks before the start date.

    • Students must complete the course for which they have enrolled within 12 months of registering.

    • Students may be liable for an additional charge for deferrals.

    • No refunds will be granted to students who do not attend a course for which they have paid.

  3. Registration policy

    1. The completed registration form must be submitted with the following documents:

      • a copy of the student’s passport/ID

      • a copy of the sponsor’s passport (the person responsible for payment)

      • proof of payment.

    2. EFL students will be required to complete a pre-assessment to determine their proficiency level before the start of the course.

    3. Non-attendance of classes will not result in a reduction of course fees.

    4. Students require special permission to transfer from one course to another.

    5. Registration for a course cannot be transferred from one student to another.

  4. Enrolment policy

    • Students are required to attend a minimum of 85% of the course to qualify for an attendance certificate.

    • Students are required to obtain an overall average of 60% for oral and written assessments to qualify for a certificate of completion.

    • Students agree to abide by the assessment criteria for each course.

    • Students agree to adhere to the University of Pretoria’s policies and procedures.

    • Students agree to abide by the University of Pretoria’s code of conduct for students.

    • Students confirm that they will not commit any form of plagiarism – presenting the ideas or work of others as their own.

    • Students understand that the University of Pretoria is not liable for any damage or loss of personal property brought onto University premises.


(FULL NAME), agree that

  • The information provided on my registration form and in all supporting documentation is complete and correct.

  • I have understood and will abide by the terms and conditions stated in this registration form.

  • I undertake to pay in full all fees for which I am liable as a registered student of the University.

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